For any landscaping project, essential elements include: boulders, rock, soil, sand and gravel – the foundation upon which your designs flourish. Proper earth elements are crucial for planting and tree growth. Topsoil and composted plant mix provide the necessary nutrients for plant development. Fill dirt is indispensable throughout your landscape project, and we offer both bulk and bag options for topsoil.

These products are available at GreenSpot Nursery for pickup or can be conveniently delivered to your location, with installation services also available.

Earth Elements Include

We provide the following:

  • Boulders
  • Rock
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Topsoil

At Napoles Landscaping, our primary mission is to fashion environmentally conscious landscapes that also radiate beauty. We understand the pivotal role that a well-designed, purposeful landscape plays in elevating your home's property value.

  • Professional Expertise
  • Customized Design Solutions
  • Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • Timely Project Completion
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Napoles Landscaping prioritizes sustainable and low-maintenance solutions. Including the use of drought-resistant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and environmentally friendly practices that contribute to the long-term sustainability of commercial landscaping while minimizing ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Expertise in Commercial Projects
  • Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Solutions
  • Compliance with Local Regulations
  • Scalability and Flexibility
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By following HOA regulations, we contribute to enhancing property values and fostering a harmonious living environment for all residents and HOA.

  • Fully Insured & Vetted
  • Understand HOA Guidelines
  • Attention to Aesthetics and Cohesiveness
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
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